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“The real life stories of the wonderful, zany and colorful backstretch characters such as Sheepherder Bill, Chatahoochee Smith, Bill the Reverend and racing’s famous swimming horse, Puss n Boots, come to life in racing’s highly acclaimed Ballads of the Turf”. Horse-Canada

“If ever there was a book that totally reflects life on the backstretches of North America, it is racing’s Ballads of the Turf and Other Doggerels by author William Galvin”. Freebookclubs.com

“Ballads of the Turf and Other Doggerels by William Galvin pens the colorful tales of the backstretch, the real life stories of the sometimes zany characters who spent their lives caring for their four-legged pals. Cleverly illustrated”. The Equestrian News

Use this player to listen to The Revenge of Puss n Boots, as narrated by Fred C. Dobbs.

If ever there was a racing book that totally reflects the romantic era of life on the backstretches of North America’s racetracks, it is Thoroughbred horse racing’s Ballads of the Turf by author William Galvin.

Now in its third printing, and a Canadian Best Seller, Ballads of the Turf has captured in its witty, poetic verse, delightful, rollicking ballads that rhyme with an engaging rhythm, galloping along as they tell of the real life escapades of Damon Runyonesque-type characters... those of a horse-racing brotherhood seduced by dreams of racing glory, and kept forever in its grip by the magic and appeal of the backstretch.

Bill GalvinWidely acclaimed by a Who’s Who of the horse racing world, and with kudos from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, this treasury of tales from an another era of horse racing is revived in magnificent detail by the author, who lived among the unforgettable, colorful characters who populate his ballads.